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Frozen yogurt

Alkisahnya, cuti hujung tahun lepas, pulanglah ke Malaysia. Sebab nak g lawat adik yang manja kat Pekan, kami sekeluarga menginap kat Kuantan untuk 3 hari. Tapi tak boleh jalan sangat sebab hujan yang tidak berhenti sehingga akhirnya banjir merata-rata di Kuantan. Hampir-hampir jugak lah nak terperangkap dalam banjir tu. Mujur jumpa jalan keluar...

Masa kat Kuantan, ada la jugak singgah kedai Baby sebab nak beli barang untuk Iman. Tetiba aku terpandang satu kedai yang jual makanan yang orang sekarang panggil frozen yogurt. Okay, call me outdated, but I never buy and eat those yogurt. Sekarang ni, merata-rata aku tengok anak muda keluar masuk kedai frozen yogurt ni. So, sebab teringin sangat nak tau, sedap sangat ke benda ni, aku ajak la adik aku *yang tak pernah tolak bab makanan terutama bila aku nak belanja* masuk ke kedai ni. Tapi kami tak reti cara nak beli, so terpaksa culik Ibu Iman *kakak aku* untuk menemani kami membeli. Yes, kakak aku suka sangat makan benda ni. Aku tak tau cammana dia boleh sumbat dalam tekak dia!


Waaa, nampak sangat kami budak kampung. Nak beli frozen yogurt pun tak reti. Hahaha... Ok, bila dah beli, rasa seronok sebab boleh hias sendiri yogurt yang kita ambil. Boleh letak oreo, letak wafer, M&M, dan buah-buahan dan lain-lain. Bila dah beli cepat-cepat masuk kereta dan makan sebab takut ayah minta *gila kedekut* hahaha... Satu sudu pertama *gulpppp* Ewww.. Sumpah tak sedap! Tak tau kenapa, tak boleh nak masuk ke tekak. Tapi telan la jugak kan... The rest of it, aku bagi adik aku suruh dia habiskan. Aku makan oreo dan sides dia je... Bhahahaha...

Aku taktau macam mana orang boleh telan benda alah ni. Mungkin dalam masa terdekat ni, aku tak akan makan lah benda ni kan. Baik aku beli yogurt yang sedap kat kedai runcit tu then bekukan *sama ke rasa dia?*

Tu je la. Saja nak mengupdate. Sok ada lagi satu exam. Doakan ye! Chow!


Repeating OSCE exam

Go for it, good luck


Today is the beginning of our re-OSCE exam. Me? No no, my turn is tomorrow morning and Thursday at noon. So just wanna wish good luck to my all my friends who taking this exam. May Allah helps us all. And do our best in this final exam of pre-clinical years....

Ok, gotta study for tomorrow :P

Pray for our success....



Dah lama sebenarnya aku dengar kawan-kawan sekitar guna perkataan galau ni. Mula-mula, tak kisah la sangat. Bila dah hari-hari dengar, rasa macam dah jadi trending lak. Setahu aku, sepanjang aku belajar bahasa malaysia kat sekolah dulu, tak pernah pulak cikgu aku ajar perkataan galau ni. So, aku pun google la malam tadi nak tau maksudnya. Hahaha. Lambat kan aku.....

Erm, so galau ni asal dia dari negara tempat aku belajar ni ke? Patutlah aku tak tau... Takyah tau pun takpe.!

Eh, jap lagi ada exam. So, chow dulu..... :P


Used to have that friend

Everybody needs friends. Everybody has friend or friends. What is really the meaning of friend?

Friend :
1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance; patronsupporter.
3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile, etc.

Erm. I will not discuss further about the meaning of friend. My aim is to tell about this one of my friend I used to have. USED to have. 

Well, me and this friend of mine, let say the name is Egg, our relationship is clearly just friend. Not more than that, not BFF. This friendship is kinda weird, because I rarely speak with Egg as I don't meet Egg much. But in virtual social network, me and Egg USED to spend time, chatting at messenger and other chatting service. 

What are we chatting about? Not much about personal life. The conversations are more about studying and sharing knowledge. And I enjoy, really, chatting with Egg.

But again, I used to have Egg as a friend. Somehow, after a period, Egg no longer chat with me. I wonder if I do something wrong that make Egg went away from me. But to ask Egg, I never have that kind of courage. Just make assumption, maybe Egg find a new friend to chat with. Or maybe Egg too busy with life. Or maybe Egg already become a chicken. Hahaha. or or or or.................................. ah, I don't know.

Whatever it is, I hope Egg is happy with whoever Egg choose to be friend with. And I wanna thanks Egg, because willing to be my chat-friend, even for a while. And I hope to have that kind of friend again, in future life. 

Your truly,


Is this a true story? Let's guess... :P


Officially done my 7th sem

Future doctors

Ok, It's Official! Yes, I'm officially done my seventh semester, the last semester in my pre-clinical years. :O

It's already three years and half since the first time I'm coming to here. Too many things happen. Too many knowledge I get. Too many friends I meet. Too many experience I have.

Tak sangka rasa macam sekejap je. Takut rindu dengan kelas bagai. Lepas ni cuti sem. Lepas cuti dah mula clinical years as a co-ass. Dah susah nak jumpa kawan-kawan. Sebab nanti kena pergi tempat lain-lain dengan kawan. Huaaaa.

Ok, every medic students must sit the OSCE exam. Yeah, I already take it twice. First time is in my forth semester (you can read here). And the second one is in my seventh semester, which is happen in last December.

So I've already get the result. Not bad, I pass 10 from 12 station. So need to repeat two la on next week. Then, yeah, I'm done! Can go back to HOME! hurrayyy can't wait.

OSCE kali ni berbeza dengan OSCE yang aku ambik masa sem empat dulu. Sekarang ni, ada 12 station, yang mana 9 darinya adalah simulation station dan 3 adalah skills station.

In Simulation Station : Here, there is a patient who was trained to be sick, accordingly to the case provided by the doctor. Then, me as a real doctor, need to take history from the patient, treating him like a real patient in a real doctor's life, doing an examination on him, order the lab tests, and making a diagnose. Then I need to write down the prescription, full prescription with the name of drugs and their dosage, then need to give some education to patient. Like, a real doctor you meet in the hospital or clinics.

In Skills Station : We are tested to know our skills on procedure that a doctor should know, eg. hecting(stitch a wound), inserting an intravenous (IV) line, injecting, bandaging and splinting, doing EKG and interpret them, doing CPR and others. And we need to diagnose the patient too and give him a full prescription of drugs. Plus the education if needed.

As you know, human body got many system right. Like ENT, ophthalmology, internal med, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and etc. So, each station presents one system. That's means, 12 different system for 12 stations. And each station only in 15 minutes.

As it for me, I need to do hecting, bandaging and inserting an IV line. And the simulation station:

1- Respiratory ( I get asthma case)
2- Neurology (i need to diagnose a meningitis case)
3- Endocrine system (Diabetes mellitus case)
4- gastrointestinal system (Appendicitis)
5- ENT (acute otitis media)
6- musculoskeletal system
7- ophthalmology (I think it is conjungtivitis)
8- dermatology (leprosy or morbus hansen)
9- psychology (insomnia)

Oh, my batch which have 300++ students was divided into small groups, 14 students in each small group. And I'm in group C. Which means, my exam is on the very first day but in evening, together with group D. And each this small groups will get different cases and skills. The good thing that my turn is on first day is, the cases on first day is much easier than another days. Seriously easier. :P

Patutnya student Malaysia punya giliran hari-hari terakhir sebab ikut urutan nama. Tapi disebabkan pihak MARA nak bawa kitorang, 40++ pelajar MARA(batch saya) ni bercuti ke Bogor, so, terpaksalah kitorang ambek exam pada hari pertama.

Ada lagi yang beza, kalau exam dulu, doktor yang menguji ada jugak doktor yang muda, yang baru lagi jadi doktor. Tapi kali ni, semua penguji adalah doktor yang pakar dalam bidang masing-masing ataupun doktor yang sudah ada pengalaman lama dalam bidang perubatan ni.

Well, I must said, I need to learn more and more as I know my knowledge level is not at maximal yet.

That's all for now :P




He is good enough. Yes, better than any men she know. Yet, he change himself to win the princess' heart. But after all his sacrifices, still, the princess doesn't ever look at him ONCE. And she step away from his life, assuming that he doesn't care bout her anymore. And he lost the most beautiful girl dreamed by other men. Just because the wealth owned by the princess. Just because the princess is the princess. But what has he got? Nothing but a loser!

Perhaps we should be ourself. The one who born naturally and grew up inside ourself. Why should we change? Yes indeed, changing from the bad side to better one is PERFECT choice. but vice versa? Maybe the worst idea at all. And the biggest one is become new people in the name of love. Doesn't it sound like errr, stupid maybe? Or nonsense work! Why should we change to be in other's heart when that people just love we as what we are, naturally? 


Naik train dan bas ke LCTT

Okay, lambat sikit nak update pasal ni. Kali ni saya nak kongsi tentang perjalanan saya balik semula ke Jakarta pada awal Januari lalu.

Sebab tarikh flight saya jatuh pada tarikh orang bekerja dan hari pertama sekolah dibuka, jadi saya terpaksalah ke airport by myself. Pagi-pagi lagi dah kena bangun sebab kena ikut ayah pergi ke pejabat dia. Before that, me, ayah and my sis stopped by at the nursery to drop Iman. It was his first day there. Kesian Iman. Nak buat macam mana. Kakak saya dah mula kerja. Terpaksalah.

Then, pergi ke office ayah. Kakak baru nak mula kerja kat situ. Satu office, senang la nak pergi dan balik kerja. Dalam hati, saya pun nak kerja satu office gak la ngan ayah. Takpayah nak drive g tempat kerja nanti. Haha... Unfortunately, by the time I'm graduated, my ayah already pensions.

Dalam pukul 8.30 ayah hantar saya ke KL Sentral. Huaaa, nak nangis, taknak balik. Tapi control ayu lah. Umur dah besar, dari umur 16 tahun famili hantar ke airport takkan la nak nangis lagi kan!

Tunggu kat KL sentral sampai maybank kat situ bukak. Dalam pukul 9.15 Maybank dah bukak dah, ada urusan bank kejap. Then baru pergi ke tempat tiket KL Transit (train) untuk beli tiket. Selalunya kalau kena balik sendiri, saya naik bas ke LCTT. Harga tiket dalam RM9 kalau naik bas kaler merah tu. Ada satu lagi bas warna kuning, syarikat apa ntah. Tapi sebab saya suka warna merah, so goodbye Yellow Bus.

Kali ni ayah saya suruh naik train ke LCTT. Train ni tak direct ke LCTT lah. Kena turun dekat Salak Tinggi dan naik bas plak ke LCTT. Just extra information (walaupun ramai dah tahu), tiket bas ni kita kena beli awal-awal kat KL sentral. So nak senang, cakap dekat orang jaga kaunter tu, nak tiket ke LCTT. Nanti dia bagi dua tiket, tiket bas dan tiket train. *Jangan hilangkan tiket sudah*

Perjalanan ni dalam sejam beberapa minit je. Sama je sebenarnya kalau nak bas direct ke LCTT. Tapi saja nak cuba cara baru. Heee.

Bila sampai kat LCTT, pergi makan kat Marrybrown. Tapi tak berapa nak selera sebab kebersihan dia kurang... Sebelum naik flight, saya sempat singgah kat satu kedai souvenir ni, dan beli Bird Nest Coffee. Haha. Coffee-addict!


Random pasca flood

Salam.. Baru sempat nak update blog. Takde la busy mana pon actually. Kerajinan tu je takde.

Rasanya semua dah tau, Jakarta banjir hebat Khamis lalu. Yes, hujan turun tak berhenti-henti. Kalau berhenti pon cuma untuk seketika. Then hujan balik. Lepas tu banjir... Sampai isytihar darurat. Fuh, dasyat.

Aku tak keluar mana-mana pun Khamis tu. Duduk kat rumah je, nanti demam kalau main hujan. Hehe. Tapi semalam bila hujan dah kurang, aku keluar pergi beli barang makanan. Hujan hujan ni bikin perut aku laparrr... Hahaha..

Uni aku sampai tutup 2 hari gara-gara banjir. Alhamdulillah, pagi ni cuaca sangat baik. Dan perkuliahan masih boleh diteruskan. Bukan taknak cuti lagi, tapi kalau lama-lama drag kelas ke hari lain, bila aku nak cuti semnya...

Pagi tadi dengar cerita dari kawan-kawan lokal satu kumpulan, kesian pada yang banjir, ada yang sampai 2 meter banjir. tapi kat tingkat bawah rumah dia la... ada yang banjir smpai lutut. Alhamdulillah, aku masih bersyukur sebab rumah aku tak jadi mangsa banjir walaupun tiada bekalan air paip di rumah.. aiseh. Nak mandi pun tumpang rumah orang, dah macam pelarian...


Tak de terdetik pun perasaan marah dalam diri bila jadi macam ni. Nak marah dekat sape? No one to blame. Bila jadi macam ni, aku dapat ingatkan diri aku pada orang-orang yang lagi hebat dugaannya dari aku. Ada yang smpai hilang tempat tinggal. Ada yang masih tak dapat bekalan makan minum. At least aku masih dapat ada tempat tinggal dan makanan....

Tapiiii aku tak sabar nak balik Malaysia... akan ku manfaatkan air di rumahku di Malaysiaaaa.. Hahahaha...

Patutnya semalam result osce keluar. tapi sebab cuti, so no result. Tapi hari ni pon still takde... Ahhh.. Ukrida ukrida...

Semoga exam kami tidak dipindah-pindahkan tarikh... Mau pulang cepat dong!


Kawan yang merimaskan?

Korang suka ke kalau ada kawan yang membuatkan korang rasa rimas sangat. Yang suka gila jaga tepi kain korang. Segala aktiviti harian korang, dari bangun tidur hingga tidur balik then bangun lagi pon dia nak ambek tau. Korang makan apa, korang cakap dengan sapa pon dia nak tau. Korang pakai baju apa, korang tengah fikir apa. Semualahh...

Apa nak buat eh kalau ada kawan macam ni??Patut dilayan je atau blah je.

Dah habis sabar dah. Rasa annoying pun ada. Hahaha.

*ish, tak baik kata kat orang camtu. maybe ada orang rasa aku ni pun annoying. Sorry la pada sesiapa yang rasa aku menyemak dalam hidup mereka. :D


Food craving #Absolute Choc Cake

I wanna wanna wanna eat it! Like right now. Please somebody buy me this, one slice is enough.

Absolute choc

Thanks to my chubby sister, now I'm a big fan of Secret Recipe's cake. But not all type of cakes la of course. Just the one with Chocolate..

So when I'm having my short holiday last December, I buy myself this Absolute Choc Cake which is fully choc inside out. And my sis is having Choc Mud Cake.

When I'm eating this, I actually is babysitting my over-cute nephew. If you ever eat this cake, you'll know that it has cocoa powder on top of it. And at some point, when I choked myself with this powder, I cough out them (normal reflex of choking) and there you are,, the cocoa powder is spreading on my dress and hijab, and of course, they lie down on my nephew too. Not only on his face and neck and shirt, but also in his ear!!! Hahaha. pity you Ahmad Nur Iman. Your Ummi is so hungry and eat in hurry..

A baby still a baby. He is blurred when I say sorry for putting some cocoa make-up on his face. He even smile when I wiped out the powder. I wish he will forget what have I done to him so when he is capable to get revenge on me, he will not do so. Hahaha..



Selagi lagi, post tentang kawan. Well, hidup ni penuh dengan orang keliling yang boleh dianggap kawan. Tapi tak semua kawan tu istimewa atau boleh dianggap kawan rapat.

Kawan yang tetap dengan kau,
Di saat kau bahagia atau ketika berduka lara

Tetap dengan kau,
Ketika kau adalah Boolat atau ketika kau seperti papan

Setia mendampingi kau,
Tak kiralah dompet kau tebal atau kering kontang

Selalu buat kau tersenyum,
Walau kau puji atau termarah 

Tetap menerima kau,
Walau kau berubah ke arah kebaikan,
Atau kau confess sesuatu tentang masa silam kau

Selalu ada untuk kau,
Bila kau ketawa atau ketika kau huru-hara

Tidak akan membiarkan kau,
Ketika kau kekenyangan atau kebulurannnn

Tangannya sentiasa ada,
Untuk menolong kau,
Biar ketika senang maupun ketika kau memerlukan bantuan

Kawan yang bukan hanya menerima,
tapi juga memberi

Kawan yang boleh dibuat sahabat, teman sehidup semati

Kawan yang bila dia tiada dengan kau,
kau rasa macam tin kosong kosong

Mungkin, aku perlukan kawan seperti ini. Haaa, dah jumpa sebenarnya, tapi hanya beberapa.

Dan aku berharap boleh jadi kawan seperti ini untuk kawan aku...


Rindu Ahmad Nur Iman

Baru sehari saya jejak kaki di bumi Jakarta, tapi saya sudah mulai merindui si comel botak Iman. Walaupun hanya beberapa hari luangkan masa dengan dia, tapi saya betul-betul rindukan dia. Sangat sweet bila dia tertidur dalam dakapan, dan tempat tidur paling Iman suka adalah perut saya. Hahaha... Rindu nak kacau dia masa dia nangis uwaaa uwaaa. Rindu nak cubit pipi dia yang tembam macam saya!

Ni bukan Iman saya. Gambar dari google je.

I wish January ends fast, so that I can welcome February and going home. I wanna be home. Really.

Walaupun cuti baru-baru ni sangat sekejap, hanya 11 hari, tapi cuti kali ni lah saya rasa sangat bermakna. Sebab cuti kali ni, saya rasa saya amat membantu ibu dan ayah di rumah. Hahaha. Nampak sangat sebelum ni tak membantu sangat, hanya tau habiskan beras jeeee. heee.. Maybe bila usia meningkat, rasa bertanggungjawab tu makin tinggi. Maybe la.