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Before you read my posts, please forgive me for my bad grammar. And inconsistent pronoun, for sometimes I use "aku" and sometimes I use "saya", it depends on my mood and the post. Some of them are in English and some in Malay language. And the pictures in this blog mostly from google images. Btw, thanks for stopping by here.




He is good enough. Yes, better than any men she know. Yet, he change himself to win the princess' heart. But after all his sacrifices, still, the princess doesn't ever look at him ONCE. And she step away from his life, assuming that he doesn't care bout her anymore. And he lost the most beautiful girl dreamed by other men. Just because the wealth owned by the princess. Just because the princess is the princess. But what has he got? Nothing but a loser!

Perhaps we should be ourself. The one who born naturally and grew up inside ourself. Why should we change? Yes indeed, changing from the bad side to better one is PERFECT choice. but vice versa? Maybe the worst idea at all. And the biggest one is become new people in the name of love. Doesn't it sound like errr, stupid maybe? Or nonsense work! Why should we change to be in other's heart when that people just love we as what we are, naturally? 


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