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Taman Safari Bogor, Indonesia

Just a quick update. Sorry for broken English.

Last Thursday, me and seven of my friends (Aliya, Miza, Anis, Wawa, Marsilah, Imah, Dyana) went to Taman Safari, located at Bogor, Indonesia. Three years I lived here, this is my first time visiting that place. Here is just like other zoo, we had chance to see many types of animals, and we also can feed them! Except the tiger, lion and bear. 

We departed from Jakarta at 7 am but were stuck in traffic jam for about 2 hours. To avoid getting bored in car, we eat our snack  that we bring from home and having chit chat on many topics. 

At about 15 minutes to eleven, we arrived Taman Safari safely and after paid the entrance fee (Rp 85,000/person and Rp 15,000 for car) we started our journey to visit the fauna of world by going to Free Range Wildlife zone. And we feed some of them with carrot we bought on our way to Taman Safari. But we can't walk on our feet at this zone, need to stay in car.

in the car. stuck in traffic jam.








Mobil adalah kereta

Tiga beranak

After that, our driver parked the car near Baby Zoo area. We had nasi lemak for our lunch before continue our journey. After praying, we went to see Tigers show but there are too many people and we don't get a seat. The show takes about 20 minutes. Then, we had the chances to take picture with White Tiger! And of course, we need to pay another fee for this chance (Rp 15000/person). The tiger is so handsome. 

Harimau pun boleh panjat pokok juga.

That bro guided us where to sit and stand. For safety purpose.

Then we went to Birds Show but we don't pay attention to that show as an unexpected incident happened right behind us. A tourist is having seizure and his face is bleeding due to falling and hitting his face to a large dustbin. Pity him but we are shocked and don't know what to do. Luckily the help comes quick. And he was brought to Hospital nearby I think.

Then we go to Sea Lion Show (takes 20 minutes). They are so cute and clever too. After that show, we walk our way quickly to go to Dolphin Show. Fuh, really tired to go to that show because we need to do a little hiking. Haha. Low stamina. But we do arrived there early and have chance to choose a better view of seat. And after the show finished, me and miza and imah and dyana took our chance to take photo with the dolphin. Yeay, for the first time, I can touch Dolphin and it kiss me too. ^_______^. Not just that, we can see many types of Kangaroo, monkeys, penguin, and many mores.


Orang Utan

Before we go check out from the Taman Safari, we took the chance to go to the waterfall although it's already 5.15 pm and nobody are there at that time. I love waterfall, the water and its surrounding just makes me calm and relax. 

After praying, we started our journey back to Jakarta. Alhamdulillah, there's no traffic jam, so we arrived Jakarta 2 hours later. Really have fun. And thanks to the Seven of my friends that joined the journey and makes my day.


siti khadijah said...

nicee :)
mgkin next time bole pergi and the dolphin is very cute..jeless hehe ^^

+aNa baNana+ said...

u've got so many times more at jakarta kan! nanti2 pergi la~~~ heee.