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Before you read my posts, please forgive me for my bad grammar. And inconsistent pronoun, for sometimes I use "aku" and sometimes I use "saya", it depends on my mood and the post. Some of them are in English and some in Malay language. And the pictures in this blog mostly from google images. Btw, thanks for stopping by here.


Let it hurts...

.These feelings, I never show them.
.Hidden deep inside my heart, the feelings grow faster than I expected.
.Never try to delete them nor throw away.
.Just let it stay, but it hurts.
.Don't have the courage, to speak louder.
.Heart hurts too much along with time, which passes faster and faster.
.Never get the chance to heal itself.
.But it is a good one.
.Even if I get the chance to cure, I will refuse.
.The chance to delete them, also will be rejected.
.Because it teaches me everything.
.It let me be matured than I am before.
.It let me deal with my world better than past.
.Or can I said, the best.
.But the worst, I can't cry, to show my feelings.
.Just because, don't want the person who care bout me, worried too much.

*actually, got no idea to update blog since two weeks ago. Just wrote whatever happen to be in my mind right now. ^__^

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