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Before you read my posts, please forgive me for my bad grammar. And inconsistent pronoun, for sometimes I use "aku" and sometimes I use "saya", it depends on my mood and the post. Some of them are in English and some in Malay language. And the pictures in this blog mostly from google images. Btw, thanks for stopping by here.


May's Story

Last Sunday, PKPMI (Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia) had organized a really great event - Malaysian Festival aka MAFEST. This year is more fun than last year and there are more food stalls with variety of food this year. Me? No, I don't sell any food, coz I wanna to enjoy the MAFEST, the food and the performance at night. Yes, I don't sell foods neither join the performance. Heee. Really spend my time on helping others who need help that day, eat - eat - eat and sit - sit - sit for the performance. *Sorry for my bad English, three years without learning English had vanish my English skills.*

Many Malaysian foods are sold on this day including - Curry mee, Burger Malaysia, Keropok lekor, Laksa, Kuih cara, Char kuew tiau, Pasembor, Nasi beriyani, Nasi tomato, Nasi minyak, Nasi lemak, Pulut kuning, Roti jala, Tauhu sumbat, Ayam percik, Sate, Kek batik, Aiskrim Malaysia and Colek Kelate (don't know how to spell them).

And my favorites are Burger Malaysia and Tauhu sumbat.

Okay, enjoy the picture, although only a few, coz I don't snap too many, got busy with eating.. heee.

Tauhu Sumbat

Pulut Kuning with curry

Roti Jala with curry

Sardine Roll

Kek Batik *sold by Aishah and 'Aisyah*

Nasi Lemak

My Housemates' stall menu


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