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Officially done my 7th sem

Future doctors

Ok, It's Official! Yes, I'm officially done my seventh semester, the last semester in my pre-clinical years. :O

It's already three years and half since the first time I'm coming to here. Too many things happen. Too many knowledge I get. Too many friends I meet. Too many experience I have.

Tak sangka rasa macam sekejap je. Takut rindu dengan kelas bagai. Lepas ni cuti sem. Lepas cuti dah mula clinical years as a co-ass. Dah susah nak jumpa kawan-kawan. Sebab nanti kena pergi tempat lain-lain dengan kawan. Huaaaa.

Ok, every medic students must sit the OSCE exam. Yeah, I already take it twice. First time is in my forth semester (you can read here). And the second one is in my seventh semester, which is happen in last December.

So I've already get the result. Not bad, I pass 10 from 12 station. So need to repeat two la on next week. Then, yeah, I'm done! Can go back to HOME! hurrayyy can't wait.

OSCE kali ni berbeza dengan OSCE yang aku ambik masa sem empat dulu. Sekarang ni, ada 12 station, yang mana 9 darinya adalah simulation station dan 3 adalah skills station.

In Simulation Station : Here, there is a patient who was trained to be sick, accordingly to the case provided by the doctor. Then, me as a real doctor, need to take history from the patient, treating him like a real patient in a real doctor's life, doing an examination on him, order the lab tests, and making a diagnose. Then I need to write down the prescription, full prescription with the name of drugs and their dosage, then need to give some education to patient. Like, a real doctor you meet in the hospital or clinics.

In Skills Station : We are tested to know our skills on procedure that a doctor should know, eg. hecting(stitch a wound), inserting an intravenous (IV) line, injecting, bandaging and splinting, doing EKG and interpret them, doing CPR and others. And we need to diagnose the patient too and give him a full prescription of drugs. Plus the education if needed.

As you know, human body got many system right. Like ENT, ophthalmology, internal med, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and etc. So, each station presents one system. That's means, 12 different system for 12 stations. And each station only in 15 minutes.

As it for me, I need to do hecting, bandaging and inserting an IV line. And the simulation station:

1- Respiratory ( I get asthma case)
2- Neurology (i need to diagnose a meningitis case)
3- Endocrine system (Diabetes mellitus case)
4- gastrointestinal system (Appendicitis)
5- ENT (acute otitis media)
6- musculoskeletal system
7- ophthalmology (I think it is conjungtivitis)
8- dermatology (leprosy or morbus hansen)
9- psychology (insomnia)

Oh, my batch which have 300++ students was divided into small groups, 14 students in each small group. And I'm in group C. Which means, my exam is on the very first day but in evening, together with group D. And each this small groups will get different cases and skills. The good thing that my turn is on first day is, the cases on first day is much easier than another days. Seriously easier. :P

Patutnya student Malaysia punya giliran hari-hari terakhir sebab ikut urutan nama. Tapi disebabkan pihak MARA nak bawa kitorang, 40++ pelajar MARA(batch saya) ni bercuti ke Bogor, so, terpaksalah kitorang ambek exam pada hari pertama.

Ada lagi yang beza, kalau exam dulu, doktor yang menguji ada jugak doktor yang muda, yang baru lagi jadi doktor. Tapi kali ni, semua penguji adalah doktor yang pakar dalam bidang masing-masing ataupun doktor yang sudah ada pengalaman lama dalam bidang perubatan ni.

Well, I must said, I need to learn more and more as I know my knowledge level is not at maximal yet.

That's all for now :P


Alma said...

ko punya watermarks tutup muka org tepi. hahahaha :D sian die, aku xdpt cam pun tu sape :p

+aNa baNana+ said...

haha... terpaksa.. nanti org curi gmbr2 kawan aku yg comel2 ni.. hehe

+aNa baNana+ said...

haha... terpaksa.. nanti org curi gmbr2 kawan aku yg comel2 ni.. hehe