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no fun in friendship

After all this while, i give you so much
trust, loyal, sincere, love
become our elements
but why, why now

yesterday, i can seeclearly
your happy face when meet me
when hang out with me
i always ask, if u still comfortable with me
and each time, your answer is YES

but friend,
why, why, why
today, the fun of our friendship is vanished
no more smile on our face
no more hug, no more kiss
i wonder what have i done to you
keep thinking, alone

dear friend
i wanna ask a thing from you
if you already bored with me
just leave me
just dont say the sad words
as i can't accept them

and let me tell you
you always be in my pray
morning, evening, night

i'll never happy, will never smile again
if you don't meet the fun in your life
so, please live better without me

*special edition for my friends.*
-Anna Harun


atikullah ismail™ said...

kawan itu mungkin hanya kenalan kita,
sahabat itu yang bersama kita tika gembira dan duka =)

a GirL withOuT naMe said...

betul2.... kawan selalu dtg dan pergi dlm hidup kita.. tapi sahabat dan teman, tetap setia =))

Anonymous said...

lie to me n tell me that it's gonna be alright, don't said a word, i'm okay with the quiet bcoz the truth is gonna change everything...

from MISS N