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Happy Birthday my love

Happy Birthday
My Sweet n Sour Sister

kakakku yang sengal lagi banyak lemak, tapi tak gemuk-gemuk dari dulu, terimalah lagu hari jadi dari adikmu...

Happy Birthday To you
Happy Birthday To you
Happy Birthday To Wani
Happy Birthday To you
* ada masalah teknikal.nyanyi sendiri lah ye*

my sis, 20 years you become my elder sis
yes i know, it is not ur wish, but it is a fate
Allah knows everything He plans
with you in my life
i become a better person

you teach me like mum and dad teach me
you love me like i love you (ehem3...betoi ka??hahaha)

I dont want another girl to be my sis
after all you did for me
even i explore the world
Ireland, India, China, Makkah, Indon
i will never find a perfect girl to be my sis

dear sis
you are great
you are kind
you are lovely
you are caring
you are sweet
you are funny
see,,, with those, i dont need any more reason 
for me to find another sis in this life

i just hope
you will find happiness one day
though you always crying at night
i just cant stand to see you sad
coz you are my heart

i want to be your only little sis

thanks for all those memories we created together
hanging out together
watch movie at messy room
watch CSI
share problems...
sharing ideas...
eating SEAWEED together at night (haha.i like this the most)
YM-ing, talking crap.....

hoh. i swear..i will take care of you forever until i die
so dont you worry bout that

My sis,,,


dah besar panjang tak gemuk-gemuk dah kamu. cepat sikit cari calon suami, pastu kawin. nanti ibu tak bagi kami kawin plak selagi kamu belum.haha.along pun. sian along kang.weeee~~`

p/s ::: baikkan kak yang??? jap lagi ada exam tapi masih sempat buat post untuk kamu, special tau... nanti tak dapat jawab exam, semua salah kamu...hahaha~~~~


Anonymous said...

terima kasih byk2 la adikku~
mmg yg terbaik...
love u so million much2~

Lonesome Izz said...

love this... to wani : jgn jeles2 taw
n jgn sedih2x lagi...hepi besday..

Lonesome Izz said...

to kak yang : good luck n all d best...

" ada masalah teknikal.nyanyi sendiri lah ye "

xpe ade upin ngan ipin tolong nyanyikan

a GirL withOuT naMe said...

Kak ngah ::: of course la terbaik..anak ibu + ayah~~~ haha

izz ::: hehe.... upin ipin nyanyi x sedap mcm kak ngah nyanyi...

Cikgu IBU said...

tq Allah. given 2 daughters who prefer to watch CSI in the messiest room in the world as a gift from You is the most precious gift. Alhamdulillah. Bless them always - that's my wish

a GirL withOuT naMe said...

haha..sorry mum.. i keep planning to tidy up the room,,, but ur other daughter is soooooooooooooooo LAZY ooo... marah dia bu~~~~

Lonesome Izz said...

kak yang: kak ngah nyanyi mmg sedap....
(n_n)psst kak ngah slalu x nyanyi dlm bilik?

hiro said...

epy besday gak tuk beliau..