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Never and ever

i may not the right person for you
i may not the beautiful girl that u find
i may not the kind girl that can help u to do all things
i may not the one who always be there for u

but dear, i am the one who loving you for no reasons
i am the one who miss u everyday
i am the one who will crying over the day when u sick
i am the one who worried much bout you
i am the one whose heart u stole away
i am the one who always be loyal to u

so listen here my dear, i will never and ever
give up on you

give up on each single things i do in these 3 years
give up on the love which make me more happy and comfortable

never and never, can you hear me?

although you hurt me too much
although you cannot wipe my tears anymore
although you hate me that much
although you have throw away the love

but still i will say
never and ever
i will never stop loving you

but my dear
for the time being
let me be alone
let me have my own time

i am not hating you
nor trying to leaving you
but i want the time
to tell me my mistake
for being this cruel to u, i am sorry

just wait for me. can you do that dear?

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