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GRADs card

GRADs card for student.

Benefit :::

  • 10 kg baggage allowance for free for MAS flight
  • Pay only RM 23 instead of RM 35 for Aquaria KLCC
  • Pay only RM 8 one way or RM 16 return for Airport Coach to KLIA (bus)
  • Pay only RM 14 instead of RM 19 for KL hop-on hop-off (bus)
  • and many more....
Document you need :::
  • Copy of identity card or passport 
  • Copy of valid Student ID/Matric Card or Acceptance Letter

Fee ::: RM 30 for a year

GRADS card also functioning as Enrich card.

Term and conditions --> Click here

Renewal is not automatic, you need to re-apply with the same fee.

Haha! Dah jadi macam promoter plak. Saja nak kongsi walaupun ramai dah tau ^_^.


Anonymous said...

if i apply, how much will be discount for airfares?

+aNa baNana+ said...

erm, if i'm not mistaken, the dicsount is for domestic flight only. please refer to MAS website okay.. hehee