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Qualities that you look for in a friend

Everyone wants a friend who really can understand ourself and really can blend in with our way of life. Having commonality in all ways between two friends, are the point which make them close. But, there is also best friends who not having any in common, in every single thing of life. Whatever it is, it is us who decide what type of friends we want to be friend with.

Qualities that I look for in a friend? I'm not demanding for better friend as I'm really thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to know such great friends, lots of them, since I start making friends until now. What I really hope is, a friend who can really understand my way of life. A friend who can laugh with me, and cry with me. Friend who I care and he/she care bout me. 

And the most important quality is TRUST. I need a friend who I can trust to keep my secret and that friend can trust me to keep hers/him too. I need a friend who can trust me to be her/his friend that will stay by her/his side no matter what will happen.

And I need a friend who don't forget the old one when get the new one. People like this doesn't deserve a friendship with anyone, because they really don't know how to appreciate a valuable things. 

After all, I really love my great friends I knew and I really appreciate them. I will not change them for something else....

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