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Second Chance?

Malam tadi, aku tengok cerita Ajaibnya Cinta episod 4. Well, I downloaded it from the internet, because I seriously don't like watch it on TV with those 'Iklan"sss... Malas nak menunggu.

Dan, aku tertarik dengan satu ayat ni,

"Kalau kau nak accept dia balik, kau kena maafkan, kau kena lupakan semua benda. Kalau tak, masalah nanti, kau akan ungkit dan ungkit dan ungkit."

Dush... Terkesima kejap.

And I keep thinking, well, I decided to give THE second opportunity once, after all the things he had done. But I just, you know, JUST can't forget the past. No matter how hard I try to forget them, they just keep coming and coming, hacking my mind and feelings.

This is where I do mistakes...

Mistakes that had BIG result in my relationship with him,

coz it end the relationship.

Although I know, my heart still missing him.




And I keep blaming others, the people that being around us, for making this relationship didn't work as I hope and thought. Because I am too afraid to admit my own mistake. Or maybe I am being selfish?

But, as time goes by, I realize, the relationship doesn't work, not because others. But the main problem is me and him.

Me, for not being able to forget everything before giving him THE second chance.
And him, for not being strong enough to fight for me.

And, now. It's over.

It's O V E R.

And I will always remember this, my previous mistakes, only for to teach me not to repeat the same mistakes, ever again. Hopefully.

Haha. Nonsense.


Shukri Mohd Ali said...

saya sedang menulis tentang situasi yang macam awak ni la :)

sebelum tu saya minta maaf kalau nanti ada tulisan saya di blog yang macam buat awak terasa hahaha sebab macam sama je situasi awak dengan apa yang saya nak tulis heehuu.

+aNa baNana+ said...

ahah, it's okay... dh common sgt situasi cmni. hopefully x terasa sgt la nnt. mane tau, sy blh learning from u kan