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Skin and integument time.

this block, i learn about human's skin and integument. yeah, i admit that it's kinda tough subject but i have to learn it anyway. yesterday, i got microbiology lab examination and alhamdulillah it went well, although not very well as i want it to happen. and today, i have another exam that is skill lab, where i can practice on checking up patient's skin abnormality in real life as doctor, soon. instead of real patient, we will practice among us, and all we have to check is hand skin, hair, nail and we need to memorise the anatomy of skin.

and still, i wake up in these hours after take a quick sleep for 3 hours for revising on the examination check-list we receive. *puhhhh... and tomorrow is my big paper in this block before parasitology lab paper on Saturday morning. pray for me, tq.

p/s :: people who work harder will get a very good outcome instead of people who doesn't make their sweat out from the sweat pore but keep dreaming of a good result.

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