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Re-post. +Love Poem+

This post is a re-post from my older blog.


Macam ne nak makan labu ni? kene kupas dulu keeee????
This poem is dedicated to some people who really important to my heart.
kak ngah

and all of my family, relative and friends.

with all of my heart,

family,lover and best friends
are not like the short memory
where you will increased up the number of neurotransmitters
but it doesnt stay long
after a while
you will forgot them, although you dont want

but they must be in our long memory
which will be kept along the way
the way of sensory path
from seeing to visual cortex
from hearing to Broadman's area
from touching to somatosensory cortex

family, lover and best friends
are meant for each other
like the receptor who will accept the neurotransmitter specifically
like the nerves which will innervate specific organ of body
like the enzyme which will work on protein made specifically for them

family, lover and best friends
are really influence each other
like emotion who controls and controlled by autonomic nervous system
like secretion of glandular controlled by increasing or decreasing of hormone
like balance of body controlled by vestibular organ

family, lover and best friends
are build to help each other
like the sensory nerves help to carry information to brain
like the motor nerves who help tells organ things to do
but unlike the brain, who always tell and give orders to everyone

family, lover and best friends
always protect each other
like fibrinogen who help blood stops and prevent bacteria to enter
like leukocytes who protect body from infection
like skin who protect inner organs
like LCS who protect the brain

you always make me happy
like dopamin does
no need to take any drugs
thanks to you

i just want you to know
i will always love you
till the last drop of blood
till the last tear of lacrimal sacs
till the last produce of ATP
till the last pump of heart
till the last air of breath
till the last idea of brain
till the last movement of muscle
till the last work of enzyme
till the last neurotransmitter bind to receptor
till the last oxygen runs in my blood

yes. i do
i will love you forever until i come back to my true owner, Allah SWT.


Cikgu IBU said...

dear dearest,
tq for putting us in your list. tq Allah

+aNa baNana+ said...

ur welcome my mum....

nashrul the hero said...

comel ana..hehe

+aNa baNana+ said...