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I don't know if I did wrong to you. Or I did something that make you feel uneasy with me. I keep waiting, and waiting. But I get nothing. Nothing. Till I once decided to put a full-stop to this. And you appear. For a night. Then you go, again. Leave me, waiting and waiting. And for the second time, I want to give up. And I really will. Trying, and trying.

I just need one thing from you. DO me a favor. Face me and tell me. Is it worth to me for keep waiting for you, or  should I let this feeling go and give up on you?

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Anonymous said...

waiting is an art of love..haha ada juga kata penantian itu satu penyiksaan..mcm peristiwa kfc jalan TAR..haha sometimes there are things that should be left without an answer..

by : miss N