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Saya Ummi Ana, Pengedah Sah Shaklee No ID 1210215. Jemput like page saya di facebook dan instagram. Sebarang pertanyaan bolehlah Whatsapp 01124121834 atau email Terima kasih singgah di blog saya.
Before you read my posts, please forgive me for my bad grammar. And inconsistent pronoun, for sometimes I use "aku" and sometimes I use "saya", it depends on my mood and the post. Some of them are in English and some in Malay language. And the pictures in this blog mostly from google images. Btw, thanks for stopping by here.


Trying to smile

People might see me smiling and laughing all day, look like no problems ever come in my life. But deep inside me, I found it is too hard to keep smiling and smiling just to cover up my true feeling. I am trying to smile, each seconds with one hope ::: to forget all the troubles. But it just disappear for that moment, and come back when I'm all alone, sitting in my bedroom, without anyone beside me. I feel like to crying but I know, tears don't settle up my problems too. And I just put hope on Him, from before until die.. Insya-Allah...

Source ::: Google.

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