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Goodbye tarakan hospital

Supposedly i make this entry a week ago, but cant find suitable time. So here i am, saying goodbye to Tarakan Hospital, Central of Jakarta. I practice in Interna Department here from 15 April until 22 June 2013, with my coursemates  : 6 of them are Malaysians and 3 are Indonesians.

In this hospital, there are 6 Internist, 3 cardiologist and 3 pulmo specialists. So many knowledge I get from those 12 specialists. This hospital is goverment's, so yes, there are too many patients to learn about. The clinics are always busy, specially in Cardio clinics, which have an average 100 pt per day, or more.

Even we are the first group in Interna department here, but the doctors treat us kindly, and they are willingly to teach us, which for sure, sometimes they got angry at us when we can't answer simple Q. Heee.

Our 10 weeks are divided into 6 weeks in Interna, 2 weeks in Cardio and 2 weeks in Pulmo.
And every week we have minimal 2 case presentations per group and minimal 1 case report per individu. Our oncall schedule is at 3 pm until 7 am, 2 coassistants per day. And I partner up with my housemate, Amira. We stay at Emergency department or IGD which means Instalasi Gawat Darurat. Here we can learn and get the chance to do IV infusion, CPR, ECG, catheterization, diagnose pt and many more. And the doctors in this department are very helpful and kind enough to teach me when I ask Q.

10 weeks went by just like that. And we have our final exam for each part of Interna department : Interna, Cardio and Pulmo. For interna, 10 of us are divided into 5 group and each group are test by different Internist. And me with Efi got Dr. Briliana, SpPD as our examiner. She is young, kind and beautiful Internist. I always admire her way in treating and talking to pt. For Cardio test, we got 40 MCQs and 5 simple essays. And we have open book exam for pulmo. And yet, we still dunno our result until now.

And now, I got Obstetric and Gynaecology as my second rotation. So the next post maybe I will write about my new department. See ya.

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