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Performing Umrah in Ramadhan 1433H/2012... Part 1 (Madinah)


Alhamdulillah, Allah give us, *my parents, me and my little bro* chance to perform Umrah again, last Ramadhan-Syawal (1433H). And here I am, as usual, delaying this post for a year! hehe.

Malas nak rotate. haha

We went there using Umrah package by Bahrulmazi Travel and Tours for 12 days ( I think?). Our plane is at 8 am on 15 August 2012 and so we went to KLIA early and have our Sahur there. We transit at Changi Airport Singapore, waiting for another plane to Jeddah. As we are fasting, there's not so much thing we can do (usually my bro and me will find food to eat..hehe) except just walking north and south of the airport which have 3 Terminal and so beautiful!!

Beautiful flower in the Changi airport, Singapore

Waiting for the next plane to Jeddah

The journey to Jeddah took about 8 hours, and because the time zone, we are fasting longer than usual, as we arrive there in the evening, before Maghrib (still on 15th August). And we break our fast soon after arrived there, in the airport. Luckily, they prepare some simple food for people to break fast. :P

Our first meal, eating on our way from airport to Madinah

From Jeddah we ride the bus to Madinah Al-Munawwarah and safely arrived at around midnight. And we check in at our hotel and sleep soundlessly. In the morning (16th August) we gather at the lobby and wait for Ustaz to guide us around the Masjid Nabawi. There is an cemetery known as Jannatul Baqi (click to view history of this place), beside the Masjid Nabawi, where many members of the Prophet’s (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) close family, around ten thousand of his companions (Sahabah) and many prominent, pious personalities are buried. 

After that, me and my Ibu took our chance to go into Raudah to ziarah/visit Maqam Rasulullah. There's too many people in that area, compared to the first time I come here (around 2002). Subhanallah. And I have my experience to break fast in Madinah with other Muslims. Here, you do not need buy food for break fast. There so much generous Muslim that prepare food, and the main meal is Roti Arab. And I kinda like it, and eat too many of them through my staying at Madinah and Makkah (that's why my cheek become chubbier, again. haha).

Outside Rawdah area
Note : that guy is chewing Siwak :P

My little bro, waiting for Maghrib azan

Outside Madinah mosque, in the evening

Our first journey around Masjid Nabawi, on first day here

There is Rawdah area, under the green Kubah

On second day at Madinah, we go to Masjid Quba, Masjid Qiblatain, Kebun kurma and Jabal Uhud. There's story behind each historical places. And I believe, we already learn them in primary and secondary school right!

Masjid Qiblatain, Madinah (Mosque of the Two Qiblas). It is historically important to Muslims as this is where in Rajjab 2 AH the revelation of the Quran came to change the direction of the qibla from Bait-al-Maqdis in Jerusalem to the Ka’bah in Makkah.

Masjid Quba, Madinah

People selling stuff, around Masjid Quba

Kurma tree at Kebun Kurma

Ibu's little child

Budak busuk

Around Mount Uhud

On the third day, we just take a walk nearby the hotel. And there's Danwood supermarket where we buy kurma (there's variety of kurma sold here) and do a little shopping :P

My Ayah loves buying Kurma

The last day we perform Solat Terawih : Subhanallah, sangat tenang malam itu, dengan alunan suara imam yang menusuk ke jiwa. Apabila Imam membaca doa dalam solat, ramai yang mengalirkan air mata terutama orang arab yang betul2 memahami apa yang diucapkan oleh Imam. Sebak mungkin kerana terpaksa mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada Ramadhan. *Yes, I dont finish my terawih at the mosque because need to do business in the restroom, and seriously, I regret it....*

And here come the Hari Raya Aidilfitri. In the morning, I ask forgiveness from my Ibu and Ayah and my little bro before going to Solat Raya. Thanks Allah, for giving me chance to celebrate Raya at Madinah, near to Maqam Nabi Muhammad SAW. And I miss this memories so much!

View from rooftop of Masjid Nabawi, in the morning of Hari Raya. Beautiful, isn't?

About 8 pm, we departed from Madinah to Makkah Al-Mukarramah..... So I will continue my post to part 2. See ya.

*Sorry for bad grammar..

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