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Have faith in Allah


Never be easy to be made. Even to make a choice for myself is hard, to choose over a thing that involves many is way harder.

Too much feelings to be care of. Too much opinion to be considered.

Pick A and people will ask why. Put A back and take B. People still ask questions. Choose anything, the curiosity still there.

Choose to never make a last word, people tell that you are too dependent to others. Choose to make a final act, people will say you are heartless. 


Yet, me still need to do that decision. Even I run miles away. Even I hide the real feeling. Even I need to hold the tears, like forever maybe. Maybe.

But thanks to The One and Only, Allah always available twenty-four-hours-seven-days-a-week without rest. Never tired and neglected pray from me. 


Even I need to run far far away, never feel tired, because Allah is there.
Even I need to keep smiling unwillingly, never feel annoyed because Allah is there.
Even I feel like to give up on everything, never really do because Allah is there.
Even I feel like to cry and cry and cry all over the night, the tears are worth because I'm crying for forgiveness.


And even I feel harder to make a decision, Allah always ease them for me, insya-Allah.


Let people say anything they like. It's their rights, me never care much as long as I'm never hurt. But if me still getting hurt, I don't care much because I have faith in Allah, forever.


nGakzz the hero said...

I am proud because I have a friend like you

+aNa baNana+ said...

hehe.. thank u

siti khadijah said...

have faith in Allah is indeed the best thing we can do :D

+aNa baNana+ said...

yup, so true ^__^