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Tahu Tauhu

In one fine morning, after taking a fresh morning walk, I stopped by at this one uncle's little gerai, to buy some vegetable. And I keep looking for tauhu, white tauhu while the uncle is busy with other aunt. After 3 minutes, the uncle served me. He asked me what did I want. And... I tell him,

"Pak, tauhu ada gak?"
"Kangkung? Sebentar"
"Bukan pak, tauhu. Tauhu."
"Ya, kangkung kan"


Speechless there. While keep finding the right word.

When I nearly said tofu, one aunt said

"Tahu ya?"
"Ha,, Iya, tahu."

What the.. It's the same, tauhu or tahu. Not differ so much. But tauhu and kangkung get to  manyyyyyyyyyyy difference!! 

Luckily that aunt helps me, if not, I just buy the kangkung la. 

My mistakes, almost three years living here, but still, I said tauhu instead of tahu. Mana la pakcik tu nak faham.


alien said...

mngkin uncle tu salah denga kot

+aNa baNana+ said...

haha. tapi jauh sgt bunyi tauhu dgn kangkung tuu.. said...

who said so great difference. both are food right?

+aNa baNana+ said...

ibu, memang la due2 mknn. tp sebutan sah2 lain!

siti khadijah said...

haahaa...jauh sangatlah tauhu ngan kangkung tu..ada sound problem kot, huhuu

+aNa baNana+ said...

haha, tu la pasal...