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When there is a sweet one, there is always a not-so-good one memory

After we done (MARA's students) our OSCE exam, we had our two days and a night seminar at Novotel Golf Resort, Bogor. About 2 hours journey from Jakarta. And all I did in the bus on the way there is sleep and listening to music and sleep again and day-dreaming. Hahaha.

Okay, let's talk about the seminar first. Actually, this seminar is more relaxing compared to other seminar. Well, MARA actually wanna us to relax more and not stressed out. So, here, we are enjoying out vacation. We arrived at about 12.30 pm at we wait in the meeting room, waiting for room keys to be released. In the mean while, we have our first session where we have to find friends' signature as many as we could, depends on the criteria in the list. Err, I know this session is aimed for a better relationship, where we get to know our friends more when we ask for his/her signature. But I just do it to finish the task. *Hampeh*

And then we got our keys. One room for two person. Ops, forgot to capture the room's photo. But I feel relieved I didn't snap picture of my room. Why? Later you'll know. Just wanna said, the room is comfortable, beautiful and impressive. And there is a balcony too. I love to spend time in balcony, looking at outside's view, with the breeze and cool air as my accompany. Haha.

The food is okay laaaa. Not too delicious and various as last year seminar at Park Lane Hotel, Jakarta. But still edible. Alhamdulillah. Not complaining too much. At the night's session, we have to answer some questions, to know our personality. And in the Sunday morning's session, we had group discussion about 'The Good, The bad about Malaysia' and need to present it. After that, we have a talk from a doctor and also businessman about success in life.

Ha, forgot to mention. This resort also got Gym and Swimming pool. So my friend Mrs A asked me to swim with her, at 6 am. Hahaha. Crazy act but enjoy it. I did ask three friends more to join us, but they choose to continue sleep.. :D     Ok, I know, the water is soooo cold.. Seriously, it is so cold that I shaking myself in the pool. But I am here to enjoy my weekend so why not. Besides, there is less people there in the morning. Gym? me and Mrs A planned to go but, don't have enough time. So maybe next time.

Overall, I really love this resort but just for its facilities and foods. I am not sooo in love with the bedroom. Why? It gives me a memory that maybe I will never forget, and this memory is the reason, I don't wanna go back there even if MARA sponsored us again. Hahaha. But thanks to my friends Mrs A and Mrs N, for not leaving me behind in the midnight, in that ermmm, not-so-haunted room (depends on your level of fear). Hahaha. But seriously, when I think bout it again, I laughed myself. Running in the midnight, when everyone already in their dream, carrying a pillow and a blanket. But I feel guilty to my roommate Mrs M, for making her frightened about this. Sorry again.

And thanks to MARA for sponsor us to stay in this Resort although for one night. It really gives me a sweet memory and a haunted one. Hahahaha...

Maybe this is the last one, because next year, we already be in the clinical years..... In sha Allah.

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