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Good Luck Wish

Exam exam exam. Yesterday I got skill lab exam - handling fracture case using splint and reduction and immobilization treatment. Well, it might seems easy to normal people but not to med students, at least me myself. Although I remember every steps in the list for the exam, but it just missing in seconds the first step I make into the exam room. What I can do is, keep thinking that I already studied, and lets Allah helps.

And tomorrow, I have another exam. Too many huh? Yeah, not like others, the system at my U is different. In a month period, we need to sit for at least 4 exam. And we don't have what the students called as mid and final exam of the semester. And my brain already adapt to this until sometimes it refused to study. This is what happens now. That's why I'm here instead of revising for tomorrow.

A wiser man once said " If we study for examination, we would be sad and frustrated when we failed the exam BUT if we study for the knowledge, we never regret and be sad."

So here a good luck wish for my course-mates for tomorrow exam.

Oh today we have Pleno - case presentation. Hopefully my group is lucky enough to not to be chosen to present. :D

Say no to coffee! *reminder for myself*

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