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Before you read my posts, please forgive me for my bad grammar. And inconsistent pronoun, for sometimes I use "aku" and sometimes I use "saya", it depends on my mood and the post. Some of them are in English and some in Malay language. And the pictures in this blog mostly from google images. Btw, thanks for stopping by here.


Nonsense post :D

Alhamdulillah, yesterday's exam is going well. Now just waiting for the result, maybe tomorrow? Hopefully I can get better result than last block. InsyaAllah. Already did the best and let the rest to Allah.

And I did award myself with a alltime-favorite-chocolate-muffin that I buy at BreadTalk. Although the taste is not the same with Kenny rogers' muffin but not so bad laaaa. It is edible. *Smile*

Eating muffin while watching AdamHawa

Post exam activity, as usual, watching all movies and tv series in waiting list. And playing the Jewel Quest game.

and many more.

Tomorrow already have class. Just have one day off. Well, this is medical student life, I think. The last block I learn about Laser Medicine and Occupational Medicine. Interesting knowledge. but too many to remember because too many facts instead of thinking. Alhamdulillah my brain still function well enough to keep all the knowledge. But I think, I need to upgrade it for the future. Hahahaha....

Ahah, one more thing, I'm so excited and can't wait for a good news. In less than a month, maybe in two weeks, I will get the title "Aunt". Yeay for me. Ya Allah, Please protect my beloved sister and her baby. I wanna go home this month but the passport thing is so complicated plus not enough money. But baby, please waiting for your aunt this december! I wanna hug and kiss you, can I?

*still, the stomachache don't want to go away. Urgh!*

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