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Dah seminggu masuk clinical year kt jakarta ni. Alhamdulillah dapat hospital dekat ngn rumah... and groupmates, mostly Malaysian.. and all of them are kind and genius. So i can learned from them. And also from the internist at the hospital. And from the nurses too. Haha.
Ok, so far, i learned so much about the diseases, and also the bedside manner.. but most importantly i learned how to control my patience when meeting with a person or few of them who is/are selfish... sabar sabar sabar... i learned to smile even the heart is hurt. I learned to appreciate others even they are not do the same to me. Positive thinking. Positive. Stay positive. Yes i need to stay positive.


Anonymous said...

all the best coass life...insyaAllah blhnyee...stay positive... chaiyok2... :)

ibuiwan said...

Alhamdulillah. Finally, you're getting more matured. This is life - helping others is more towards helping our ownself. Help her please dearest Allah.

Alma said...

Hahahhaa. Sabar weh sabar. Kalau dah tak sabar mengadu je kat kitorg. All the best ana banana! ;)

+aNa baNana+ said...

Tq Ibu, alma n unknown person :P