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Kedua cintaku

Lately, there are two faces keep playing in my mind, day n night. Yeah, Two faces of my love. It is not that I just remember them at time like this. They stay in my heart forever. And ever and no one can replace their place. Maybe I'm a little homesick, ok fine, really really Homesick, although I will be home in a week time, insyaAllah with Allah's will.

I just hope this semester break, I will do something good and be a helpful daughter instead of being such a lazy, useless daughter like I always be. I just don't want to be a burden to them anymore, but it's hard, to change those attitudes, and I've tried so many times. But never quit trying.


Untuk kedua cintaku,
Diri ini tidak sabar untuk pulang ke pangkuanmu
Rindu akan peluk ciummu
Rindu akan senyumanmu

Aku ingin sekali menjadi anak yang terbaik buatmu
Maafkanku jika seringkali menyakiti hatimu
Maafkanku jika sering membuat hatimu risau akan kedegilanku
Maafkanku bila membebankan mu

Sorry for being too emotional. Just miss my parents so much. And I have exams to face before going home. And i don't want to disappoint them but I'm really miss home so much. And it happen all times. At the very last block of the semester. Although I'm in sixth semester now, If u know what I mean. =(

Wake up u young lady.... Home never run, but time does.

*Sorry for bad English writing, again. Blame the google translate. Haha...


ibuiwan said...

dear dearest,
our lyrics will the same as always:
no matter what you do, where you are, what you get (for result i think???), no matter in your ups and downs, sleep or awake, hunger or full, night or day,- our love and care will always be there hugging you. You've been homesick since birth(?) and since the day Allah lend you to us, you've been our little angel from heaven and will maintain like that for ever and ever. We accept you without any condition and just be yourself - anak kesayangan ayah!!!

+aNa baNana+ said...

thanks mum... just need a little comfort before exam.. =) anddd i'm not only ank kesayangan ayah, but u tooooo :))...

ibuiwan said...

okay then dear,
correction : anak kesayangan ibu and ayah (where shall i put iwan then????)

Alma said...

seminggu je lagi ana. bertahan! :)