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After all, that is life...

It always hard,
Whenever it comes to feeling.

People always leave,
Whenever you put a big hope on them.

You always sacrifice your tears,
Although no one appreciate them.

You always get hurt,
When you show your care to someone,
But she/he ignores you.

But your heart hurts much,
When your friends/beloved one leave you,
For misunderstanding matters. 

After all,
That is life.


atiey said...

totally agree with this kak ana.. people come and leave, no one really want to stay for a longer time

+aNa baNana+ said...

there is some one,who never leave, but hard to find he/she.

Cikgu IBU said...

dear,don't forget that there are always some who will be there,by your side, in shine and rain, in laughter and tears, in poor and rich. they are those who will love you unconditionnaly, at all times

+aNa baNana+ said...

ibu ::: i never 4get... and i really appreciate those SOME in my life.. ever.Love u~~~

Shukri Mohd Ali said...

yeah. that's life :)

Epal Hijau Masam said...