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Happy 24th Birthday my big bro...

Selamat hari jadi
Selamat hari jadi
Selamat hari jadi, alongku
Selamat hari jadi

Happy Birthday to You
My Chubby Cute Big Bro
like brother like sister... hehe

it's already 24 years you've live in this world
and it means 24 years you've become my great bro
where i can find another person to be like you
exactly like you
no where!!! no one will replace yours in my life

my bro
do you remember
when we were children
we always fought for useless thing
" you ate durian one evening. i asked some. but you dont want give them to me. and i shout, saying that you are worst brother. and you get mad. and you pull my hair. i end up crying in my room, waiting for mum and dad back home from work. deep in my heart, i hate you!"

but it already become my memories. opsss. our memories. day by day. the hate feeling just fade away. we get along in many things. and today, i always thanks to Allah for giving me such a kind-hearted and cute brother who are super in making meals for his little sisters and brother when mum and dad are not at home.

now, you've graduated your course. and i hope you will get a good and great job one day. and dont forget, your first salary is for me!!! hahaha.....

i always pray to Allah, to give you a great woman to be your soul-mate forever. eh, tak faham-faham lagi ke. nasi minyak,, nasi minyak.. haha..

dear my bro.
i wanna thanks to you
for helping me finding ebook online
for giving me your rapidshare password so that i can download any movie [now i want your hotfile password.hehe]
for giving me advice although we are far apart
for being a great brother to me
for being my driver when i go back to Malaysia
and for anything you did for me in this life.

i never can repay all of that. just trying to be your good little sister.
Happy birthday again......


Anonymous said...

yunk..i tag u dalam bberapa entry i...tgk k..:)...tq

Cikgu IBU said...

dear dearie, how happy we are to know the warm and loving brother-sister memories. How come we didn't know about your hair being pulled and you cried?

+aNa baNana+ said...

sebab,, nanti kalau kami ngadu,, along tarik lagi..haha

Cikgu IBU said...

so? nak set up suruhanjaya di Raja ke? buka balik kes2 lama? let us think!